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Located in the heart of Indiana's Amish country, Dinky's Auction center has great bargains with a variety of items auctioned each week. Dinky's shows anything from small animals, farm equipment and produce to household items, and furniture. Join us for a night of fun and fellowship and enjoy delicious items from our big bake sale!

This auction center is a like the mega mall of auctions. There are 9 or more auction rings running all at the same time. Everything you could ever think of or want has been through here. There is a snack bar that serves lots of goodies including Amish made pies of all types. I recommend the lemon meringue.
There are also some vendors who sell things retail. I love the veggie vendor, who has great prices and fresh produce.

The center is open on Fridays and it has horse auctions and other specialty events on certain Saturdays. See our schedule of events for those special sales. Buyers and sellers alike enjoy coming here, as you will see by the large numbers of folks who come here every weekend. 


It's a happening place!

If you're looking for something different, exciting , and entertaining, head out to Dinky's Auction Center. On any given Friday evening, they'll sell up to five auction rings featuring furniture, small items, pigs, cows, horses, building supplies, farm items, - you name it. The Amish community provides the food at the concession stand (the fish sandwich is great!) and sell homemade baked goods, too. 

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